Anti-Corruption Work Programme

To strengthen New Zealand’s ability to fight corruption, the SFO together with the Ministry of Justice is leading an Anti-Corruption Work Programme.

With the support of a wide group of stakeholders drawn from the public sector, academia and local government, the programme aims to prevent and deter corruption. The Cabinet-endorsed initiative seeks to proactively respond to, and reduce the risks of fraudulent and corrupt behaviours becoming embedded in New Zealand.

For more details, please view An Anti-Corruption Work Programme for New Zealand. This paper was approved by Cabinet in July 2018. 

New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey

The Ministry of Justice published in May 2019 the main report from comprehensive survey of crime - the New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey 2018.

More than 8,000 people over the age of 15 were interviewed face-to-face and asked about any incidents of crime they had experienced in the previous 12 months.

As 77 percent of crime is not reported to the Police, the survey provides unique information about the shadow numbers of crime and victimisation in New Zealand.

Please click here to access the following on the Ministry of Justice’s website: 

  • main (core) report 
  • key findings sheet
  • key findings with infographics
  • data tables
  • survey methodology
  • media release
  • FAQs.

Fraud Awareness Week

Fraud Awareness Week is a cross-government initiative aimed at getting people to talk about scams. 

Click on the link below to view a short video that raises awareness on email scams and another that raises awareness on phone scams:

The Struggle Against Corruption

Click here to watch the video The Struggle Against Corruption which was produced by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and Timothy K. Kuhner, Associate Professor - University of Auckland.