Russell Angus Maher

Russell Angus Maher
We'll provide confirmation of investigations when appropriate - usually, this would not be until charges are laid and name suppression is not an issue. There will be some exceptions if the SFO’s involvement is already in the public arena, or if public cooperation is required.

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The SFO can confirm an investigation into the affairs of Russell Angus Maher of Forex Brokers Limited.

If you have any concerns about your dealings with Mr Maher or Forex Brokers Limited we encourage you to contact the SFO on 0800 109 800 or by email to

The SFO investigates and, where appropriate, prosecutes allegations of criminal offending. The SFO is not able to recover assets for victims. If you are a creditor of Forex Brokers Limited, we encourage you to contact the company’s Liquidators.

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