Case status guide


We'll provide confirmation of investigations when appropriate - usually, this would not be until charges are laid and name suppression is not an issue. There will be some exceptions if the SFO’s involvement is already in the public arena, or if public cooperation is required.


A case reaches prosecution stage when charges are laid. There may be a number of hearings during this stage and name suppression may stay in place. The SFO will announce if guilty pleas are entered. If not, the case will go to trial.

In Trial

Trial dates and locations will be announced when they are available. The SFO will not comment on anything that might compromise a matter that is proceeding through the court.

Current cases


Two men have pleaded guilty to fraud charges in relation to a Ponzi scheme masked as a foreign exchange brokerage.

Donna Grant

The SFO alleges Donna Grant fraudulently obtained funding from a tertiary education provider and the Tertiary Education Commission.

Forestlands NZ Ltd

An investigation relating to Forestlands NZ Ltd is ongoing.

Gang Wang and Others

The three defendants in the trial have been convicted of fraud and have been remanded for sentencing.

Hansa Ltd and Others

Paul Hibbs was jailed for eight years with a minimum non-parole period of four years on 23 March 2018.

Kelvin Clive Wood

An investigation into the affairs of Kelvin Clive Wood of Forex NZ Limited and Forex NZ 2000 Limited is ongoing.

Parengarenga 3G Trust

Former trustee Margaret Dixon has pleaded guilty to defrauding the entity of nearly $1 million.

Raukura Waikato Social Services Trust

The former financial manager of a tax-payer funded social services provider has pleaded guilty to defrauding the entity of about $175,000 .

Roger Pikia

An investigation relating to Roger Pikia is ongoing.

Russell Angus Maher

An investigation into the affairs of Russell Angus Maher of Forex Brokers Limited is ongoing.

Saul Roberts and Others

Auckland man Saul Roberts has received home detention for defrauding a disability trust.

Stephen Gubb

Property consultant Stephen Gubb has admitted defrauding the Selwyn District Council.

The Project

An investigation relating to the Pacific Island Safety and Prevention Project is ongoing.